Mucophilia : Sneezing Fetish

Mucophilia: obsessed about sneezing


For most people, a sneeze is nothing more than an ordinary biological act: one “achoo!” and it is over. But for a certain group of enthusiasts, a sneeze means much more. Music to the ears? Maybe not for most. But for those with a sneezing fetish, hearing, seeing or having a sneeze tickles them in all the right places.

If you think this fetish is rare, type “sneeze fetish” into your favorite searcher and a few seconds later you get several responses, like: Yahoo! Clubs: Sneeze Fetish–celebrating the sensual sneeze; Tarot of Sneezing, The–sneezing is mysterious and exciting, and should be treated as the beautiful art it is; Sneezing Fetish Online–dedicated to the fetish of the human sneeze;Diary of a sneeze fetishist–exploring the origins, development and impact of one woman’s fetish for sneezing;Serotica–Dedicated to fiction combining sneezing and sensuality and many others.

~ by mlmcored on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “Mucophilia : Sneezing Fetish”

  1. sneezing fetish. Whatever next?

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