Ablutomania : Washing Compulsion

Ablutomania: mania for washing oneself


Have you noticed that one of your friends washes his hands too often? Well, there is nothing bad if he washes them after going outside or toilet but if he washes it even just after a few seconds sitting in the room or after touching something, it is the sign to worry because it may be ablutomania and your friend may be ablutomaniac.

Ablutomania is the obsessive hands washing connected with the fixed ideas of infection or getting dirty. Usually this disease accompanies other serious mental disorders and is rarely manifested alone. Unfortunately this disease is characteristic for children especially child’s schizophrenia. The same holds true for adult schizophrenia although it is reflected rarely.


~ by mlmcored on July 15, 2009.

One Response to “Ablutomania : Washing Compulsion”

  1. OK. Who has compulsive disorders then? Cleaning? Walking in a particular way? Lets be hearing about them…

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