Here comes Trouble

a96783_a494_dog-millionaire2Some may refer to Leona Helmsley as the ‘Queen of Mean’, but I think her dog would disagree. Helmsley died at the age of 87 and her will was made public. In it, she provided quite nicely for her dog Trouble, creating a $12 million trust to ensure that the Maltese lives out the rest of her life in the luxury she is no doubt accustomed to. The trust will be overseen by her brother, Alvin Rosenthal, to whom she left $10 million. When Trouble’s days on Earth are over, she is to be buried next to her mistress in the $1.4 million mausoleum in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Westchester County, New York. Talk about a pampered pooch. She was less generous to her late son Jay Panzirer’s children, cutting Craig and Meegan Panzire out completely for “reasons which are known to them” and leaving a relatively paltry $5 million each to David and Walter Panzirer.

The billionaire’s grandchildren contested her will.

~ by mlmcored on November 5, 2009.

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