Strange Canned Foods

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Canned Cheeseburger


This delicious cheeseburger originates from Sweden. It is strange simply because of the pieces used to make the cheeseburger. I would be worried about the quality of the bread, cheese, and meat after getting this shipped across seas. For the price of $6 you can get a cheeseburger in a can, or you can head over to McDonalds and get 6 of them for the same price.

Canned Whole Chicken

a96711_chickenCanned meats generally don’t put a rumbly in our tumbly, but in a pinch, perhaps in the event of a major cataclysm, we’d throw down with some Vienna Sausages. However, this canned chicken takes the canned-meat cake. The impossibly tiny chicken crammed into this 50-ounce can slides out with a generous portion of gelatinous goop, or rather, “delicious gravy.”

Canned Scorpion

a96711_scorpScorpions are a delicacy in most of Thailand. These are already cooked and they can be eaten whole without risk of poison from their venom.

Canned Reindeer

a96711_reindeerThis delicacy is actually very healthy for you compared to other red meats. Since reindeer are raised on a farm on diets of moss and lichen these animals have only a 2 percent fat content. Due to the time and costs in farming these animals you will have to dish out close to $30 for a can of this arctic delicacy.

Cool Things Made of Chocolate

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Chocolate Ferrari Formula 1


A life-size chocolate model of a Ferrari Formula 1 car was created in Italy. Confectioners spent more than a year making the car out of 4,405lbs of Belgian chocolate. The £12,000 chocolate Ferrari is based on an F2008, and has a red, edible coating.

Chocolate Knife

a96714_a467_swiss_chocolate_knifeThis delectable Swiss Chocolate Knife is made of the finest Swiss chocolate, and is filled with hazelnut praline. Featuring the Victorinox Swiss Army logo, this fine confection is modeled after the Swiss Army Spartan multitool.

Chocolate Laptop

a96714_a467_chocolaptopLaptop made from sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder and cocoa mass.

Chocolate Shoes


The shoes shown here are the tamest selections from chocolatier Theobroma Cacao’s Erotique collection. The collection is made from Venezuelan chocolate (with a cocoa solid percentage of 70%) stuffed with treats such as strawberry or Champagne ganache and gilded with edible 22 carat gold highlights. There are eleven items in the Erotique Collection that include sculptural recreations of the human form and shoes. Each gift is beautifully presented in a brown and silver gift box and the chocolates are wrapped in lilac Christian Dior silk.

World’s Slimmest Buildings II

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The Sliver House designed by Boyarsky Murphy was built on the site of a single-storey wine vault that served an adjacent pub. From the street it looks impossibly small, with a 3m frontage and 8m height. It looks even smaller because of its wide and high neighbours.


This slim yet beautiful house is located in Toronto and was designed by Drew Mandel.


The site area of this house is 130 sqm while the constructed area is 65.7 sqm. Very small indeed. The interior looks beautiful though. The main theme of this house involves the slopes and architecture. Located in Japan and designed by Shuhei Endo.


Osaka, Japan


In Paris, France.


Thin building in Nagasaki , Japan.


The white building standing on the left side is the so called “Capsule Hotel”. It’s located in the right above Daimon crossing. Hamamatsucho Station, Tokyo, Japan.


In London, England.


Charleston, SC.


World’s Slimmest Buildings

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This small house is located in Toronto. It has a living room, kitchen and bedroom. The entire house sits on a parcel of land 7.25 feet wide and 113.67 feet long. Its interior surface e is slightly under 30o square. (Behind the house, you even have a small cute patio). It’s on sale for $173,000.


This house is located in Amsterdam and is maybe one of the thinnest houses in the world. Absolutely crazy:


Lets not forget Zur Wage 1273, Konstanz, Germany:


Ancient Japanese Proverb

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photoUnderstanding different languages can sometimes be difficult. Understanding Far Eastern or Japanese can be one of the most difficult for anybody from the West. This amazing picture shows just how easy it is for English speaking citizens to grasp another language.


Technology Growth

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filmThis excellent video shows the kind of world we’re living in today. Bombarding you with many facts, some of these things are amazing and show just where technology is heading.

Extreme Ironing Sports

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photoExtreme ironing seems to be latest danger sport, combining the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt. It’s basically an extreme sport where people take an ironing board to a remote location and iron items of clothing.

Invented 1997 in England, it had the first world Championships in Germany. Some locations where such performances have taken place include a mountainside of a difficult climb; a forest; in a canoe; while skiing or snowboarding; on top of large bronze statues; in the middle of a street; underwater; whilst parachuting; and under the ice cover of a lake.

Meet some of the craziest extreme ironing performances below.