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The MLMcored and other brand MLMcore sites are owned by Scottish Businessman , Paul Veverka.

paul2Located in the UK, Paul Veverka has spent his spare time since 1989 in the world of Networking, making extra income and showing people how to do the same. A paradigm shift to Online Networking in 1996 has seen Paul involved in the Internet right since it’s birth to the mass worldwide population. Taking advantage of this new technology, Paul opened up a successful DVD store and prides himself in the ability to spot new markets and opportunities online.

In 1999, the market of DVDs became saturated and forcing to close his online store due to High St competition, Paul sought to supplement his income elsewhere in the new area of creating a Networking following and amassing a community of equal minded people willing to try different things online and work from home. People may know Paul from his company, Planet Productions and more recently from Networking and joining proven online opportunities.

In 2002, he joined forces with elottery in Wales, UK which was launching a global Lottery Syndicate. This successful affiliation created some decent additional wealth not only for Paul, but the thousands of people in his group, from 133 countries all over the world. Paul was presenting in front of many people each month at offline presentations around the country and regularly travelling up and down the country in spare time meeting with other networkers. With networking email lists ammassed of many hundreds of thousands of contacts, Paul then sought to create online communities putting these people in contact with each other. He understood that swapping this knowledge with each other would not only build the volume of contacts, but also create some trust, friendship and the ability to learn more from others. This is something which he wanted to do for as little cost, or no cost at all to his downline. The online medium of social networking, blogs and more recently discussion forums allowed this transfer of knowledge, skill and opportunity. People were immersing themselves into money making opportunities like uVme and Gem Lifestyle and needed a place to discuss training and to receive the most recent news.

By 2008, with many proven income opportunities now running in autopilot, a site was needed which pulled all these pages, blogs, opportunities and knowledge together. The new technology of Web 2.0 and easy access to complex software allowed sites such as forumVme and mlmcore forums to be built. A surprising feature of this was the enormous social input from the site members. i.e the chit chat, daily discussion, fun and entertainment that went alongside making some extra money in their spare time. It was and is a good combination and does work and friendships, allegiences and acquanitences were made.

halfbannerSo, MLMcore was born. First off a discussion place for everybody. The MLMcore forum started in August 2008 and transferred the hundreds of members of forumvme. By Summer 2009, several other sites under the MLMCore brand had been created by Paul. MLMcore had it’s own Social network, it’s own Digg style site and more recently it’s own Daily News Blog and now this fantastic entertainment (and distraction!) site called MLMCored. Truly a place to be amused and let off some steam.

These fun communities were born which not only pointed visitors in the direction of making money, but were PROVEN to make people money and allowed them to be entertained , create friendships and make contacts at the same time. Finally, in Summer 2009 the MLMCore Portal pulled all the sites together into one easy to find location. A one stop for all your networking and entertainment needs. Paul has many plans to expand the MLmcore brand further. There will be training, further opportunities and all the latest news from each successful opportunity….here and on MLMcore Portal on one site.

Bookmark us today, please be entertained and find the articles on this site amusing, interesting and as fascinating as we did during the thousands of hours spend creating it. Finally, please subscribe and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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