An Amazing Treehouse

•June 12, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Architect, artist, magician, Robert Harvey Oshatz is all of that and so much more. He is the organic architect responsible for this magnificent home up in the canopy; the coolest house in the trees that you will likely ever see. The unique Wilkinson Residence graces the wooded landscape outside of Portland, Oregon. This treehouse would turn even the Swiss Family Robinson green with envy. More than likely you too will have a more than a twinge of desire to live in it.

Korea’s Got Talent

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This is a motivational and inspiring story and performance.

Amazing Trial and Error

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Keep doing it until you get it right!

Facebook Fail

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People really should learn to use Facebook first!

Hire a Mermaid

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Did you know you can “Hire a Mermaid” to swim with you and your friends! This unique service has some of the most accomplished swimmers in the world (holding their breathe obviously in shallow water) with fake fins. These beautiful women swim alongside your scuba party and certainly make for interesting photography! I’m especially impressed at the backwards swimming.

Scary Magic Roundabout

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This has to be The MOST SCARY junction in the UK. The Magic Roundabout in Swindon, England, was constructed in 1972 and consists of five mini-roundabouts arranged in a circle. Its name comes from a popular children’s television series The Magic Roundabout.

Storm Freerunning

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This is a most excellent video. Its starts off a little slow, but just sit back and watch the action from a third of the way in. Some of these moves are absolutely, incredible! Can this really be done?